Friday, April 24, 2009

Going out for Photo-Shoots help a lot

My new learning to improve as a photographer would be to go out and shoot in different situations.

For the earlier part of my venture into the photography hobby, I spent most of my time developing myself indoors. Reading articles, magazines, forums, a basic photography training and blogs. That’s not BAD and I strongly suggest continuing to read and grow in your knowledge of photographic techniques, but the only true way to improve is to put everything we learn and read into PRACTICE. Go out and shoot!

Disregard all fear of what people will think of you as you snap away on the street or at your favorite venue or park. “Oh what a mad guy”, “That camera is not even that great”, “That looks like a cheap lens”, etc. Don’t let others or the price/quality of your equipments set limitations on you! We all have to start somewhere.

I have read it numerous times on the forums and elsewhere. It’s not the quality or price of the camera, but the photographer behind the camera that makes or breaks an image. The only way we can improve our photography is to practice and shoot a lot.

I am an introvert by nature, so going out and shooting random people, street life, and the like is not my strength. I get pretty intimidated when people start staring at me while I take pictures, and self-conscious. On a recent drive, I decided that I need to just break out of my comfort zone. I need to go out and shoot. For last few weeks I have been going out with some of my photographer for shoot in delhi and I feel its helping me in improving my mindset about urban & street Photography.

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