Monday, June 4, 2012

Post-Processing Workshops/Classes on Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers in Delhi(India)

It's been long time that we have been conducting Workshops on Lightroom and Photoshop at various Photography Academies and Institutions in Delhi, India. So far, we have been involved more into 1:1 sessions as compared to group workshops. During one of the 1:1 session, we got to know that photographers are not able to find about us online and need to contact various academies. For the same we though of putting this blog entry here and soon will be hosting a separate website.

So if you are Photographer and  keen in understanding Lightroom or Photoshop, feel free to contact us at 

Before you contact us, we strongly recommend you to think more about your editing needs and also talk to our old students. This will help you in creating specific charter for yourself and will obviously be helpful for us to be more focused.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Simple Tips to decide your First DSLR !!!

1. Decide your Budget. (X)
2. Find out latest DSLR Models in the range of  0.8X - 0.9X (In the range of 20% less than your budget, because usually budget increases as you take final decision :) )
3. Think of Features you need and compare those features in Canon & Nikon or other brands you are looking for.
4. It should be enough for deciding, but following factor can further help in better decision for long-term.

- Lenses you may buy in future : prices, quality & which camera bodies support those.
- Post Sale service of different companies in your region.
- Value added services offered by dealer or Camera Manufacturer.

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